How yoga and breathing
helps with 
depression and anxiety

What to do about depression and anxiety?

As someone who has suffered from depression himself, I have developed a toolbox that I use whenever I feel another onset. I would like to share these tools with you to help you, not only to deal with your depression but combat it effectively.

How to Deal with Depression With a Single Exercise?

1.1 How to Deal With Depression Successfully Depression – a complex problem, a complex subject matter, even more so for those who suffer from it. I was one of those people and I haven’t forgotten that a helping hand can save someone’s life.

How to Deal With Depression After the First Exercise?

2.1. Depression - A Signal for Developing a New Mental Skill After the first exercise, try this technique for managing depression. By applying the first breathing exercise for depression (1.7. Blog No. 1), you’ve now instructed and changed your mental state.

Can I Turn Depression Into a Developmental Tool?

3.1. Depression - A Reason for Growth How can depression lead to growth? To turn depression into a developmental tool, you need to have some serious dialogue between YOU and your depressed mental state (Post 1.6) over and over again.

Handle Depression and Progress Effectively

4.1. How to Make Progress and Handle Depression In summary, conscious breathing creates calmness, stillness, and peacefulness. And by conscious doing − the third tool − you practice patience by non-reaction.

How to Treat Depression and Create Your Own Therapy

5.1. Treat Depression – Your False Mental State After you’ve experience the previous exercises and techniques, it’s time to prepare a self-therapy to treat depression